Namasya Digital Audio

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Namasya Digital Audio is one of the first Audio Visual brands to focus on the requirements of the audiophile community in the Indian subcontinent. By creating experiences that delight customers and giving them true cinematic experiences through our products, we have innovated many products and distributed equipment to high-end installers and retailers in Karnataka.

We know that after decades of innovation and global success, the greatest thing you can do for your customers is helping them enjoy their entertainment even more than they could ever imagine. With a single-minded focus on building high-end audio systems, Namasya Digital Audio offers custom design solutions without compromising on sound quality.

And that’s just how we like it: sweet sounds made simple!

With you from start to finish, our mission is to always give you the highest value for your product or solution. At Namasya Digital Audio we’re all about loving the music. Our mission is to provide customers with a great experience of the perfect sound system, making it easy for them to enjoy true sonic bliss. 

What we do

We are the largest and leading audio-visual showroom in South India. With expertise in all kinds of home entertainment systems from concept to implementation, we are audiophiles who are passionate about what we do and love to listen to and watch great audio, visual and music performances.  

We have the right product for your home cinema setup, including loudspeakers, projectors, screens, amplifiers, recliners, and cables suitable for the very highest-performance home cinema rooms along with home automation, auditorium solutions, and Sony Professional Display LED TVs.

Nothing beats a home cinema when it comes to pure entertainment.

We have a team of sound engineers, service experts, and electricians who are ready to help you select products for your home or business. Their efforts combine to provide a user-friendly experience that is always personalized to meet your needs.

Come visit us…

… at our showroom in Bangalore which has a studio apartment demonstration of how a smart home can enhance your life through audio and video automation. Through this experience, we strive to provide you with a unique and unsurpassed synergy through a beautiful setup that showcases the endless possibilities of smart home automation. With two demo rooms for audio and video experience which are treated with acoustical science and beautified with a solid sense of designs and calibrated with premium quality products, we have created a truly euphoric experience for your ears.